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Swanage Insurance Brokers Ltd

From the outset we decided to concentrate on General Insurance leaving Life, Pensions and Mortgages to the financial specialists and freeing us to do what we know best. Being totally independent we are able to choose the trusted companies we trade with. Experience shows that some companies' promises can be better than others.

Due to the large number of insurers we deal with we use a computerised quote system which quickly finds the best value quote for our clients' individual needs. It does not end with price though. We not only offer competitively priced policies but also insist on excellent service for our clients which applies at the point of sale and continues for the life of the policy. If circumstances change or you should be unlucky enough to have to make a claim we will be there to assist you.

We cannot stress the importance of our independence enough. Remember you are not buying from the insurer - you are buying from us. We are impartial and have no vested interest in any one company's products. For the policies where we use one company be assured we have chosen them carefully. Remember we have experience of dealing with the companies we promote, an assurance of their ability to deliver. Direct purchasing, based on price, is for the brave and informed but ultimately a sure way of buying the wrong policy.

You do not receive any comparative advice on what you purchase - rather they just sell you what they want, often a product paired down to an attractive price but could you tell the difference? Similarly, when you go to use your policy (make a claim) you only have the option of speaking to their staff whose sole aim is to minimise their company's loss, not offer fair settlements, back to the brave and informed. It is the reverse for us, you are our client and we will give you advice on how to obtain a fair settlement.

*terms of business available on request*